Chionanthus virginica



Mainly indicated Constipation, Dissolves gall bladder calculi, Uric acid, Jaundicefor etc. 

Usual suggested dosage or take as prescribed by your health provider / homeopath.

  • 30C – 4 pills up to 3 times daily
  • 200C – 4 pills up to 2 times daily
  • 1M – 4 pills preferably once weekly!

General Guidelines: Although, homeopathic remedies are safe even in children and old age, we still recommend buyer to speak and seek medical advice from your GP / personal health provider or qualified homeopathic consultant for specific doses, uses etc. specially If your symptoms persist etc.

These medications should be kept out of direct light and stored at a constant temperature.

Maintain half an hour gap between food / drinks / other medications and the prescribed homeopathic medicine.

Results may vary person to person and depending upon the conditions.

This remedy is taken with your own responsibility.

Holistic medicines, especially homeopathy is taken, based on symptoms similarity and according to the individual’s detailed medical history such as:

  • Age of the patient
  • Chronicity of the disease
  • Genetic tendency, if any.
  • Physical as well as mental health peculiar (very personalized & unique) signs & symptoms.
  • Any other underlying health conditions e.g., diabetes, heart and blood disorders, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies etc.
  • Modalities – factors that worsen or improve the condition.
  • Food or non-food sensitivities (allergies) and
  • Most importantly The CAUSATIVE FACTOR (s) etc.,

But obviously it requires some patience and continuity of taking medicines for recommended period of time for the desired results.

Contra Indications: Should not be taken if the patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

Generally, medications should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a doctor.

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 Single Homeopathic Remedy Chionanthus virginica without approved therapeutic indications.

Common Name:  Fringe tree

Causes & Symptoms for Chionanthus Virginica

  • It is a remedy for hepatic engorgement, jaundice, yellow discoloartion of skin, pain over the region of the gall bladder and calculi in it.
  • Constipation with dry feces is checked with help of this remedy.
  • Temperature slightly above normal is monitored with Chionanthus
  • The remedy is of service in many types of headaches, periodical sick, menstrual and bilious.
  • Chionanthus is beneficial in chronic splenitis, pancreatic disease, other glandular organ diseases and also in the incipient stages of nephritis.
  • It works effectively in conditions that arise from excess of urea or uric acid.

Mind and Head:

The patient is listless and has no desire to work or do any activity.

Chionanthus is a valuable remedy in complaints of Dull frontal headache, over root of nose, over eyes, through temples.

Eyes, Nose and Mouth:

The yellow discoloartion of eyes, due to live complaints

The pressing pain at the root of the nose during headache is beneficially relieved.

Coated tingue with dryness of mouth with presence of saliva, not relieved by drinking water is commonly seen in patients that indicates to Chionanthus.


A valuable remedy in loss of appetite with emaciation.

Great nausea and retching with desire for stool.

Vomiting followed by cold sweat is effectively relieved with Chionanthus.

Abdomen and Liver:

Chionanthus has its best influence in acute congestion of the liver with imperfect discharge of bile.

The distress is felt in the right hypochondrium, with cramp-like pains in the abdomen.

The remedy liquefies the bile, restricts the  formation of calculi and promotes the discharge of those formed.

It helps to quickly overcome the jaundice of childhood and infancy, especially sure in the jaundice of the pregnant term.

In the obstruction of the bile ducts, due to inflammation of the duodenum, this remedy is directly indicated.

Stool and Anus:

Chionanthus is a valauable remedy in undigested stools that shows absence of bile.

Emission of flatus while passing stool.

Burning sensation felt at the anala region while passing stool.

Females: Jaundice with arrested menses is a characterestic indication of Chionanthus.


Involuntary jerking in various parts of the body.

Chionanthus is  indicated in abdominal symptoms that are better by lying down on the abdomen.

Stiffening pains felt in the left thumb, left ankle and tarsal bones is effectively checked with Chionanthus.

It is a valuable remedy in complaints of yellow discoloration of the skin.

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7 gm, 14 gm, 25 gm


30 C, 200 C, 1M

Pills size

0.5 mm infants, 3.5 mm Children, 4.5mm Adults

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Sucrose Granules, Lactose Pills