Cicuta Virosa



Mainly indicated for Convulsions, jerking, scalp eczema, swollen mammary gland, Tremors etc. 

Usual suggested dosage or take as prescribed by your health provider / homeopath. (It is greatly suggested to take homeopathic medicines in pills form)

  • 30C – 2/3 drops in a spoonful water up to 3 times daily
  • 200C – 2/3 drops in a spoonful water 1 to 2 times daily
  • 1M – 2/3 drops in a spoonful water 1 to 2 times Weekly

General Guidelines: Although, homeopathic remedies are safe even in children and old age, we still recommend buyer to speak and seek medical advice from your GP / personal health provider or qualified homeopathic consultant for specific doses, uses etc. specially If your symptoms persist etc.

These medications should be kept out of direct light and stored at a constant temperature.

Maintain half an hour gap between food / drinks / other medications and the prescribed homeopathic medicine.

Results may vary person to person and depending upon the conditions.

This remedy is taken with your own responsibility.

Holistic medicines, especially homeopathy is taken, based on symptoms similarity and according to the individual’s detailed medical history such as:

  • Age of the patient
  • Chronicity of the disease
  • Genetic tendency, if any.
  • Physical as well as mental health peculiar (very personalized & unique) signs & symptoms.
  • Any other underlying health conditions e.g., diabetes, heart and blood disorders, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies etc.
  • Modalities – factors that worsen or improve the condition.
  • Food or non-food sensitivities (allergies) and
  • Most importantly The CAUSATIVE FACTOR (s) etc.,

But obviously it requires some patience and continuity of taking medicines for recommended period of time for the desired results.

Contra Indications: Should not be taken if the patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

Generally, medications should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a doctor.

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Single Homeopathic Remedy Cicuta Virosa without approved therapeutic indications.

Common Name:  Cow-bane, Water Hemlock

Causes & Symptoms for Cicuta virosa
  • It is one of the best remedies for convulsions during dentition or worms in children. Also for excessive and violent convulsions.
  • Cicuta virosa is a good remedy for the effects of concussion of the brain or spine, if spasms are in the train of chronic effects therefrom
  • Pustules which run together, forming thick, yellow scabs on face, head and other parts of the body is relieved with Cicuta.
  • Twitching and spasmodic jerks are a keynote of Cicuta Virosa.

Mind and Head

Cicuta virosa is indicated for prostration that follows the convulsive attacks, with sudden rigidity, then jerks and violent distortions.

Mania, with dancing, laughing, and ridiculous gestures, want of confidence in and dread of man with disposition to be frightened.

Congestion of the brain with vomiting and purging. Giddiness, with falling forward is relieved with Cicuta virosa.

Affections of the brain, from concussion of the brain. Severe headache in occiput, like a dull pressure, as with coryza.

Suppurating eruptions on the scalp, with burning pain is relieved with Cicuta.

Eyes, ear, nose

Nocturnal agglutination of the eyelids. Burning pain in the eyes.

Purulent eruption before, behind, and on the ears is relived with Cicuta virosa.

Scabs in the nostrils. Obstruction of the nose, with abundant secretion of mucus. Frequent sneezing, without coryza.

Mouth and Throat

Swelling of the tongue, white, painful, burning ulcers on the edges of the tongue indicates Cicuta Virosa.

Inability to swallow, the throat is, as it were, closed, and feels bruised when touched externally

Stomach and Abdomen

Vomiting, alternately with tonic spasms in the muscles of the chest, and convulsive movements of the eyes

Pulsative pains in the epigastric, Swelling and throbbing in the pit of the stomach is relieved with Cicuta Virosa.

Burning pressure on the stomach and abdomen.

Distension and painfulness of the abdomen, pain, as from ulceration in the groins.

Stool and Anus

Itching in the rectum, with burning pain after friction. Constipation with too frequent evacuations indicates Cicuta virosa.

Urinary organs

Frequent micturition, the urine is propelled with great force.

Retention of urine is relieved with Cicuta Virosa.

Male and female complaints

Sore drawing pain in urethra, Testes drawn up.

Menses delayed, Tearing and drawing in coccyx during menses.

Mammary gland swellings is relieved with Cicuta Virosa.


Burning itching over the whole body is relieved with Cicuta Virosa.

Long-lasting purulent eruptions, confluent, forming thick yellow crusts, with burning pain.


Extreme trembling of the hands. Tearing jerking in coccyx. Startings and convulsive movements, in the arms and in the fingers.

Painful stiffness of the legs when walking is relieved with Cicuta Virosa.


Bending the head backward opisthotonos

Violent spasms, moans and howls, great agitation, Tremor when touched.

Eruptions are mostly found in the head and face.

Strictures after inflammation is indication for Cicuta virosa.

Terms and Conditions: Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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