Mainly indicated for Sun Headache, convulsions, albuminous urine, convulsions, weakness etc. 

Usual suggested dosage or take as prescribed by your health provider / homeopath. (It is greatly suggested to take homeopathic medicines in pills form)

  • 30C – 2/3 drops in a spoonful water up to 3 times daily
  • 200C – 2/3 drops in a spoonful water 1 to 2 times daily
  • 1M – 2/3 drops in a spoonful water 1 to 2 times Weekly

General Guidelines: Although, homeopathic remedies are safe even in children and old age, we still recommend buyer to speak and seek medical advice from your GP / personal health provider or qualified homeopathic consultant for specific doses, uses etc. specially If your symptoms persist etc.

These medications should be kept out of direct light and stored at a constant temperature.

Maintain half an hour gap between food / drinks / other medications and the prescribed homeopathic medicine.

Results may vary person to person and depending upon the conditions.

This remedy is taken with your own responsibility.

Holistic medicines, especially homeopathy is taken, based on symptoms similarity and according to the individual’s detailed medical history such as:

  • Age of the patient
  • Chronicity of the disease
  • Genetic tendency, if any.
  • Physical as well as mental health peculiar (very personalized & unique) signs & symptoms.
  • Any other underlying health conditions e.g., diabetes, heart and blood disorders, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies etc.
  • Modalities – factors that worsen or improve the condition.
  • Food or non-food sensitivities (allergies) and
  • Most importantly The CAUSATIVE FACTOR (s) etc.,

But obviously it requires some patience and continuity of taking medicines for recommended period of time for the desired results.

Contra Indications: Should not be taken if the patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

Generally, medications should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a doctor.

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Single Homeopathic Remedy Glonoinum without approved therapeutic indications.

Common Name:  Nitro-glycerine, C3 H5 (NO3) O3.

Causes & Symptoms for Glonoinum
  • Intense pain, sometimes as if the head would burst, sometimes great soreness in the head, or a sense of soreness felt in the skull is a key feature.
  • The pulsations are tremendous, and when they are greatest in the head they are felt also in the extremities.
  • Glonoine symptoms are worse in the heat of summer and relieved in winter.
  • Convulsions throughout all the limbs, the neck and whole body drawn back.
  • Cold feels good to the head; heat feels good to the extremities indicates Glonoinum.
  • Congested sensation in the chest and an awareness of the heart pulsating quickly.
  • Frequent deep inspirations for relief is indication for this remedy.

Mind and Head

Great lassitude, no inclination to work indicates Glonoinum.

Surging of blood to the brain is attended with dizziness, fullness, pain.

Great throbbing, the throbbing is like the beating of hammers, every pulsation is painful, synchronous with the beat of the heart.

The pain begins in the occiput and goes to the forehead, but the whole head is in a state of throbbing worse when shaking the head indicates Glonoinum.

Can’t bear anything on the head, especially hat, remedy of great power and used as a sunstroke remedy.

Sun headaches; increases and decreases with the sun indicates Glonoinum.

Eyes, ear, nose

Sunken eyes, bluish pallor under the eyes, Red eyes, eyeballs suffer stitches, twitchings, soreness, pressure.

Black spots before, and obscuration of the eyes, with fainting indicates Glonoinum.

Stitches in the ears, ringing, singing, or cracking in the ears. Epistaxis on going out into the heat of the sun, face flushed, hot, red.

Mouth and Throat

Redness of the face which comes and go, especially upper part of it, with headache.

Pain and stiffness of the articulation of the jaw indicates Glonoinum.

Sensation of soreness and swelling on the roof of the mouth with pulsation.

In the throat tickling, heat, soreness is relieved with Glonoinum.

Stomach and Abdomen

Nausea with and caused by the headache, with colic, congestion of blood to the head and chest, and pale face.

Sensation of emptiness in the pit of the stomach. Colic, cutting pain before and after loose stools.

Rumbling in lower part of the abdomen indicates Glonoinum.

Stool and Anus – Constipation and hemorrhoids which itched and pained is relieved with Glonoinum.

Urinary complaints

Large quantities of albuminous urine is relieved with Glonoinum.

Numbness in arms and hands alternating with intense tingling.

Female complaints

Congestion to the head from suppressed or retarded menses indicates Glonoinum.

Headaches often came on pre ­menstrually, a headache that comes instead of the period.

Sudden upflow of heat from the middle of her abdomen to the top of her head is an indication of Glonoinum.

Neck and Back

The collar must be opened as it causes choking, as the neck feels full.

Burning between the shoulders, Tightness around the neck indicates Glonoinum.

Sudden and violent irregularities of the circulation.


Weakness of the legs, the knees and ankles give way indicates Glonoinum.

Acute pain, deep in joint without much heat or swelling is relieved with Glonoinum.

Great weakness, palpitation, trembling of the limbs, shaking of one or both hands as with palsy.

The extremities cold, pale and perspiring.

Great fatigue during and after they have had one of their flushes is an indication for Glonoinum.


The dull headaches and the continuous headaches are aggravated from warm weather, noise and ameliorated from cold.

The throbbing pains that are aggravated by motion, are relieved by vomiting.  Warm room increases the headache and warm bed the faceache.

The head is made worse from shaking or jar, from stooping, from bending head backwards, after lying down

Warm room increases the convulsions indicates Glonoinum.

Terms and Conditions: Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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